SoundCloud Rapper Ready For Big Break


If you haven't heard the name "Lil Eddy" (and we know you haven't) he's an up and coming SoundCloud rapper and he's ready for the fame and fortune that every rapper dreams of. He reached out to us for an interview that will hopefully give his career the boost it deserves. 

"Ive released nine songs already, I'm up to 300 views on my last single, and I've even done a duo with my man, MO$$Y, who's got like, 2k followers. I know I have what it takes to keep moving forward in the rap industry"   - Lil Eddy

According to Eddy, he has been writing raps and free styling since he was in middle school. 

"Its like, shit just came to me, you know? I always had a notebook on me. I'd spit bars constantly in my head in school, on the bus, in my house, just.. everywhere. Its like music was a second sense or some shit."

In Lil Eddy's music, he takes about his troubled childhood, growing up in a rough neighbor hood where not everyone could afford a third flat screen TV, and of course, the hard music grind. Eddy told us that his music comes from real life experiences and things he dealt with as a kid, such as being the only white kid who wanted to be a Soundcloud rapper, and really, just being the only kid who wanted to be a Soundcloud rapper. We wanted to dig deeper into the life of Eddy and asked about his upbringing.

My dad is a lawyer, so he was really hard on my when I told him I was thinking about rapping, and maybe even smoking weed. He would tell me to "get a real job" or "get a real dream" and the occasional, "You won't get your allowance if you don't walk the dogs" Fucking scum bag. I don't talk about my folks too much in person, But if you listen to my first song "Raised 2B Bad" you'll get the bigger picture.

We refused to listen to that song.

Eddy told us that he would "link up" all his friends on snapchat and the feedback was always good. Eddy claimed to be the black sheep in his friend group. He told us that he was the only one passionate about the art of rap, and the culture behind it. We reached out to Eddy's friend, Aaron, he told us a little more about Eddy's big plans.

"Yeah I mean, we went to school together and stuff. He was always kind of off, one time he told me this story about how his dad took away his Xbox for a whole day and asked if I wanted to help him make a beat so he could rap about it. I said sure because i didn't have the heart to tell him to fuck all the way off, plus, I like making music in general. I actually thought he was joking when I herd the lyrics, "Always mad at my dad, I was born to be bad, fuck with me bitch, I got dawg tags" when I laughed he told me he would cut me up. And thats how I got banned from the studio at my collage.

After our interview, we told Eddy to never stop following his dreams. After Eddy got picked up by his girl friend, we watched them drive away in a cloud of smoke from some sort of drug or maybe a car problem. We decided it was best to block his number and not use his real rap name in this article to prevent people from listing to rappers on Soundcloud.